Kubica tested Skoda Fabia rally car

Ex- Renault F1 driver Robert Kubica reportedly tested a Skoda Fabia rally car in Genoa earlier this week.

Italian website rallyemotion.it reported that Robert Kubica drove a rally version of Skoda Fabia yesterday in Liguria. I think it’s the first attempt in racing car following accident and he done pace was striking excellent.

Photos – Kubica drives Skoda Fabia rally car

Media reported that the Kubica, who suffered serious injuries in a rally accident last February in Italy, climbed behind the wheel of a Skoda Fabia on Thursday. Report called the test a “first step” towards Kubica’s return to F1.

Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez says that Kubica raced for when it was known as Renault, has expressed regret about the way events turned out with the driver – and especially the way the relationship deteriorated over the course of last season.

“I’m sad for what happened: it was very difficult for us, and even more for Robert,” Lopez said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. “We did everything and more, while respecting the agreements we had with him.

“We were ready to carry on and figure out how to make him get back sooner inside the car and perhaps later in the championship. But I’m not at all happy for what happened later. We couldn’t do more; I don’t think it was Robert…”

Lotus team owner suggests that rumours of a tie-up with Ferrari played a aspect in the way things developed with Kubica – and he takes no pleasure that the fact there remains uncertainty about whether or not the one-time grand prix winner will make it back to race in F1.

Discussion about if issues developed among team and driver over the Ferrari situation, Lopez said: “Yes, but I don’t know whether that was Robert’s illusion or someone else’s. We knew that a return for Robert in 2011 wasn’t possible.

“We didn’t urge him but pressure was put on him by his management. I don’t know whether this had to do with the interest they had for Ferrari, but our door was left open for a long time.

“I still think Kubica is part of that small category of drivers who can win with a car that is not the best. It’s a big loss.”

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