Ayrton Senna documentary wins double BAFTA awards

Much-admired Ayrton Senna documentary gets dual award at the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) ceremony in London last night, adding to its growing trophy cabinet.

Senna documentary gets two category award, ‘Best Documentary’ of 2011 and ‘Best Editing’ accolade.

“We’d just really wanted to thank the Senna family for trusting us with his legacy,” explained Screenwriter Manish Pandey.

“When your son dies in circumstances like that, and you get a bunch of guys who turn up and say listen, we want to tell the story, we think we’re very sensitive, we think we will absolutely tell it right; it takes a lot of guts to support people like that, and I’d like to thank them for doing that.”

Ayrton Senna documentary awards

Sundance Film Festival – World Cinema Audience Award: Documentary
Los Angeles Film Festival – Audience Award for Best International Feature
Melbourne International Film Festival – People’s Choice Awards for Best Documentary
Adelaide Film Festival – Audience Award for Best Documentary
BAFTA – Best Documentary, Best Editing

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