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Ferrari: F1 should stay European races

Ferrari vice chairman Piero Ferrari (the only alive son of company founder Enzo) says that Formula 1 must stay in European races.

Creating an extraordinary appearance at the Italian team’s Wrooom media event at Madonna di Campiglio on Friday, Ferrari said that while welcoming the global scale of F1, he felt it vital that Europe’s venues did not disappear from the schedule.

“We feel F1 has to be a worldwide championship, so it is natural to have this outside Europe,” he said. “What I regret is to miss some important grands prix, like the Grand Prix of France, and if we miss other grands prix like this, this will be a shame.

“I am not in favour to reduce the number of European grands prix. For us, Silverstone is a really important race, like Monza, and Spa – and every year you see fantastic races [there], so I hope not to miss those races.”

“Personally I don’t see a direct link from the number of victories in F1, or the championship, and the sales. Normally we sell cars and it bears no relation [to results]. Ferrari has two different calls – one is the world championship and the other is to make production and GT cars very successful and profitable. He added.

“For me there is no link, so I am looking to the F1 season to have better results than 2011, and we are racing to win – not just to be in the field. That is my wish. And for Ferrari GT [road cars], there is the financial crisis but in other countries I feel Ferrari can be in good health in 2012.”

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