Massa: Hamilton has done it to me so many times this year

Sept.25 –  Two times Hamilton and Massa involved incident in Singapore GP, And Massa say he has done it to me so many times this year, Monaco GP when Hamilton punted Massa out of the race and into retirement.

In Monaco Massa called on the FIA to hand down a stricter punishment for the McLaren driver, saying: “They (the FIA) need to think about something for him, or he will not learn.”

But today he did not retire; his Sunday was once again wrecked by the McLaren driver.
The Story actually start from yesterday qualifying the pair made it through to Q3 second-half, Hamilton try to pass Massa for track place, ultimate in a near crash.

Massa was dissatisfied with Hamilton and when he was asked by Autosport what happened on Saturday, the Brazilian said: “Maybe you need to ask him. To be honest I don’t understand what he wanted to do.

“Three cars were going slow to prepare the lap and he was trying to… I don’t know. Ask him. To be in a condition to touch someone on the out lap? And do another mistake? I think he didn’t use his mind again.”

Following a terrible start, Hamilton was try to make up place but as an alternative clipped Massa’s Ferrari, crashed his front wing and puncturing Massa’s right back tyre.

FIA gives drive-through penalty for Hamilton was handed a drive-through penalty.

But the results – Hamilton finished the race in fifth place while Massa would only manage P9.

“My thoughts are that, again, he cannot use his mind – even in qualifying. Again, he could’ve caused a big accident,” Massa told the BBC. He’s paying for it. He doesn’t understand that. He has done it to me so many times this year.

“It’s important the FIA study this and penalise him every time. I’ve talked to him but he doesn’t listen. Maybe his father can do something about it.”

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