RRA saved a lot of money in our sport – Whitmarsh

Sept.24 – The McLaren team Principal and FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) chairman Martin Whitmarsh says that RRA (Resource Restriction Agreement) can be success in this sport, and this is lots money saves in F1.

Recently the champions’ Red Bull Racing was denied that it break the RRA expenses limit last year en route to Red Bull on the back of an examining by Dutch consultancy firm Capgemini.

Whitmarsh also says it clear that there was no proof that any team in Formula 1 had exceeded the spending restrictions laid down in the Resource Restriction Agreement.

“We are operating to the agreement that we signed last year,” he told Autosport. “The nature of F1 is that there will be accusations, claims and concerns, but there is no evidence that anyone has shown me of any team in breach of RRA. I think it is a bit like technical regulations, there will be finger-pointing, suspicion, paranoia – that is the nature, and the sometimes corrosive nature of this paddock, but I think the RRA has achieved an enormous amount.

“Without it, there are teams today that would not be here. It has clearly saved a lot of money in our sport. It is very evident certainly in this team when you hear conversations about efficiency, how you get the best out of the finite resource, people, wind-tunnel time, CFD, testing, the number of people we have at the track; those are all real and tangible.” It has achieved a lot. It is not perfect, but I am sure there will always be some more adventurous interpretations and people will look for opportunity, and we have to work hard to make it work”. He added.

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