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Hamilton irritated to have to keep fuel at Silverstone

2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton call his home race, “it was crazy” following he challenging Ferrari’s Felipe Massa by less than a tenth of a second. The local boy finished in fourth position following having to keep fuel through the latter part of the race.

“That’s as close as it is going to get. It was crazy,” said Hamilton. “First of all the team did a fantastic job with all the pitstops and really today, coming here knowing the support we had – I’ve never known so many people here at Silverstone. The support we have here is far beyond any driver will get anywhere else, I believe. Massively thankful for that. So I could feel them spurring me on and I had a good start, made some places up.

“Unfortunately at the end, with 21 laps to the end or something, I had to save fuel massively. So I had to give Webber the position and then the last lap they said ‘okay, now you can push’ and I was like ‘oh, thanks’ after I’ve let him [Massa] catch me up. But I was not giving him that position, no way.”

The British speedy says he was frustrated to have to save fuel through the race. And he was missing the final podium at Silverstone

“Yeah, because you are always trying to drive to the fine line and of course I can think of the guys in front, Ferraris and Red Bulls, they didn’t look like they had to save fuel so that’s not a positive on our side. They tell me go to this delta, but I want to make sure I’m always there and not too much or too little, I don’t want to save too much fuel and make sure I can still keep my position.”

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