Helmut Marko: Red Bull treating its drivers for evenly

Helmut Marko, ex- Formula 1 driver and now advisor to Red Bull F1, has said that the Milton Keynes-based group is care for its drivers equally even with having laid the blame firmly at Mark Webber’s door for the dual crash at Turkish GP.


The Australian Webber having lead from pole spot, team-mate Sebastian Vettel attacked on the in line whilst in the braking zone for Istanbul Park’s Turn 12; but, with Webber in the middle of the road and Vettel on the inside, the German’s car strayed across slightly before making contact.

In the immediate aftermath of the 58-lap race, Marko blamed Webber, explaining that the Australian should have made space.

Helmut Marko

“We are handling our team and both drivers in the same way,” the 67-year-old Austrian commented in the paddock later, clarifying his earlier comments regarding the Lap 41 collision.

“Vettel was under such a lot of pressure but, if such a situation as that comes up, you have to look after the team – we still could have finished one and two and it wasn’t a situation where we were racing each other.

“We were under enormous pressure from McLaren – they were much faster on the straights, so we had to gain our advantages in the corners.”

But, Marko does insist that Vettel had no choice but to challenge his team-mate. “He had to attack otherwise he would have been overtaken by Hamilton,” Helmut continued. “If the McLarens were 10 seconds behind, it would have been completely different…but that wasn’t the case.

“Sebastian was already ahead, at least two meters ahead, and there was a left-handed corner coming up, so he had to go for the line; but you can’t brake on the dirty side because, for sure now, he knows what can happen…the whole situation was unnecessary. We will talk with everybody quite clearly to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

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