Webber has fined of £1,900 for speeding in pit lane

Monaco GP winner Mark Webber has received a fine of €2,200 (£1,900) for speeding in the Monaco pit lane earlier than the start of the race on Sunday. Even though Webber tempest to F1 career win number four later in the afternoon, FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting informed stewards of the pre-race incident, with the Australian having broken the pit lane speeding soon after 1:30pm – upon exit the pits in sort to begin his investigation lap prior to forming up on the grid.

With the pit lane speed limit being 60km/h (37.2mph), the figure of €2,200 is generate as Webber’s Red Bull was clocked at 70.9km/h (4.9mph) and each kilometer over the limit equates to €200.

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