Hamilton acknowledge McLaren was too slow

Hamilton acknowledged expectation on his McLaren’s race speed at the Monaco GP, after he declare to have extracted everything from it in qualifying and only achieved fifth on the grid. He told there was no way he could have completed any better and that the Red Bulls were considerably quicker in the second sector.

“On that last lap I literally got everything that was in the car, there was really nothing left,” said Hamilton. “So clearly the Red Bulls have quite a lot more down force, especially in the middle sector – they’re half a second faster than me. Literally, I touched all the barriers I could touch and used the entire road I could use, so I’m happy with my performance.”

And He said that he does not anticipate the gap to the front runners to be quite so big on Sunday and is happy his grid spot is on the racing line. “It would’ve been great to be on pole, but the race is tomorrow, we’re on the clean side for the start, and it’s not over till it’s over,” Hamilton added. “Tomorrow hopefully the car will be a little bit more competitive in the race, and hopefully we can make some steps forward.”

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