F1 Teams concluding in on tyre contracts

The F1’s teams are believed to be closer to confirming the sport’s tyre provider for 2011 season and further than. At present, Bridgestone is confirming to leave after being the sole contractor since 2007 although participants are trying to sway the Japanese company’s opinion.

Formula 1 has been with no a ‘tyre war’ since the end of the 2006 campaign, a condition which will remain the same for the predictable future, although the sport’s next sole dealer is yet to be decided. But, subsequent a Formula One Teams Association conference in Barcelona, an assessment is believed to be looming.

“I think we’ve got to come to a decision in the next ten days or so,” Nick Fry, CEO of Mercedes GP, explained to Reuters. “The encouraging thing is that we are in a massively better position than we were three or four weeks ago, when it looked as though we might only have one maybe opportunity opens to us.

“Now we’ve got three and I think discussions are still going on, trying to persuade Bridgestone that they might like to stay. Even if they don’t, there’s three options open to us and I think any of those three could provide a suitable tyre.”

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