Vettel: Red Bull will soon install an f-duct system

Sebastian Vettel has cautioned Red Bull Racing’s competitors that the team will soon set up an f-duct system on its car. The Milton Keynes group is yet to make use of the back wing-stalling machine first developed by McLaren although Adrian Newey’s design teams continue to develop such a system. So far 2010 season, Red Bull Racing is victorious in terms of qualifying as the fifth grid-deciding session dawns in Spain today. But, top driver Vettel is sure that the Renault-powered RB6 will soon feature a device which allows himself and team-mate Mark Webber to control airflow the rear wing.

“We are developing it and planning to introduce it at one of the next races but that’s not so easy as people might think,” Sebastian said to the official F1 website. “The chassis are homologated at the first race, and to add it to a fully designed chassis does not happen in the twinkling of an eye, but we’re close.”

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