Ferrari – stalling system solution is dangerous

Ferrari technical boss Aldo Costa has played losing proposals the teams dismiss stall system. It is supposed the cars driven by both Alonso and Massa are still built-in with the down force-spoiling improvement on Saturday following Friday’s practice tests.

But, dissimilar McLaren’s system which is supposed to be turn on by the drivers’ knees, the rumors in Barcelona is that Alonso and Massa – like the Sauber drivers – are triggering the airflow on the straights with their left hand. Often at the same time, the drivers are using their right hand to then make modification to the brake balance.

“As you know, drivers are trained to use several systems in the car,” said Costa. “They normally use the front flap adjuster, they normally use brake balance.

“Last year they used KERS, so they can also use the F-duct with no big issues.”

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