Volkswagen motorsport: Formula 1 wants to extra stability

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen motorsport director Kris Nissen believes that F1 will require extra constancy and a well representation before his company considers joining. Volkswagen motorsport exposed at the end of last year that it was evaluating the possible profit of moving into grand prix racing when new engine system are introduced from the start of 2013 season.

Even if the condition remains wholly open, Nissen says that the sport will want to make some changes before Volkswagan feels ready to commit.

F1 is facing one of the hardest situations it has had for many years, Kris Nissen said to media.They want to handle that, and I actually consider that Jean Todt and the teams will do that. I think that for manufacturers to come back, or for new manufacturers to enter Formula 1, you need to have stability, you need to have a slightly different image, and you need to bring the costs down.

But it was to occur, it would be ‘the Volkswagen group joins to F1 with whatever brand. But I can assure you that there will be at least a pair more Dakars to come before this choice is taken.
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