Formula 1 Point Scoring system changed again. Now 25-18-….

Up till now another modify to F1’s points system is on the plan further one of the 2010 season, according to reports. German Auto Motor und Sport and Finland’s Turun Sanomat report that, after the obtainable points system was amended in December, talks to execute yet another change are now taking place. The newest change follows censure that the new points system, awarding 25 points instead of 10 to first place and extended the scoring down to 10th place, did not speak to the view that grand prix winners should be proportionately better satisfied for their feats.

Reports declare that, in its place of getting 20 points, second place should get just 18 points compared with the winner’s 25.

Formula 1 New Points Scoring system

Position Old Pionts New Points
1 25 25
2 20 18
3 15 15
4 10 12
5 8 10
6 6 8
5 5 6
8 3 4
8 2 2
8 1 1

If the fresh system is adopted, winners will get 7 points more than second place, while the points distinction between second place and lower is proportionately smaller.

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