Lewis Hamilton to gain from Jenson Button’s equal deal?

Jenson Button has been assured of equality at McLaren – a situation that may actually prove beneficial to Lewis Hamilton in the long term.

According to The Daily Telegraph, ‘The subject of driver equality was one of the first assurances he sought when he was taken on a tour of the McLaren Technology Centre last Friday by team principal Martin Whitmarsh and introduced to senior engineers Jonathan Neale and Paddy Lowe.

‘Hamilton regularly received upgrades that did not appear on team-mate Heikki Kovalainen’s car this season, although with the speed they were being churned out following McLaren’s disastrous start to the year it must be said there were not always enough parts to go around.’

Yet there will be a price to be paid by Button for gaining equal billing.

As the Telegraph remarks, given Heikki Kovalkanien’s relative lack of appeal, Hamilton has had to burden the bulk of McLaren’s PR and sponsorship activities over the past two years and the newspaper says that ‘Hamilton admits he has felt burned out on occasion by the never-ending churn of appearances of behalf of one of the more corporate teams on the grid.’

Having secured equal billing at the team, Button will now have to burden half of those undertakings – much to Hamilton’s probable relief and possible gain.


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